Say Wha?! at Olio Festival

Did you miss the last Say Wha?! show? Really? That sucks. Oh wait, lucky for you the show was live streamed and is now up online! Yay! Many thanks to Ryan from RJZTV for live-streaming the show and for being so speedy posting it online.

Here I am starting the show and reading from Tyra Banks’ first novel Modelland.

Next up was the very funny Eric Fell reading SLUGS!

Hey Ocean! and beekeeper rock star read from Cats and their Dykes

MFA graduate, funny girl and writer Dina Del Buccia shared her love of page three girl Katie Price with us next.

Dad and improviser Chip Ellis told us why we should never smile at a monkey.

Then we took a short intermission …. and brought out the Vancouverite/New Yorker comedian Adam Pateman and he shared some old-timey smut.

It girl, Katilin Fontana shared some terrible fan fiction.

Finally, one of Vancouver’s favorite funny people, Charles Demers, also shared some fan fiction to the packed Say Wha?! crowd at Guilt and Co.

Thanks to everyone who came out and packed the room. Thanks to all the readers. Thanks to you for watching it now. If you want Say Wha?! to come to your town just contact me – let’s make some magic happen.

One Reply to “Say Wha?! at Olio Festival”

  1. Christina K says:

    Katilin Fontana said she didn’t know what OC meant in FanFiction…OC stands for Original Character.

    Sometimes when writing FanFiction, the authors want to interject themselves into the story and they do this by creating a character based on themselves.

    Like writing a Fanfiction based on Gossip Girl, killing off Blair and having a character based on yourself get married to Chuck. (not that i’ve done that)

    BTW i love your show. i’m from Trinidad and i randomly stumbled upon it and i think its awesome!!! I have a list of books to add to your list. next time i fly to Vancouver i’m definately going to come to a show.

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