Say Wha?! One Year Anniversary Show

Happy Birthday Say Wha?!

In June of 2010 a new show was born; part literary reading, part stand-up comedy, 100% takin’ the piss out of publishing. Say Wha?! Readings of Deliciously Rotten Writing has has been a strongly attended monthly show and was included in the programming of BOTH the Vancouver Comedy Festival and the Vancouver International Poetry Festival.

And I want to thank you dear fans for helping it be the success it’s been.

On June 15, 2011 Say Wha?! is celebrating it’s one year anniversary at the Cottage Bistro, 4470 Main Street.

At Say Wha?! Vancouver’s most engaging and lovable performers put their comedic spin on some of the most cringe-worthy, embarrassing and painfully earnest writing in print.

Over the year we’ve heard from people who never should have been given publishing deals. People like: JWOWW, Pamela Anderson, Chuck Norris, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Motely Crew, Andre Agassi, The Rock and Jann Arden.

We’ve ventured into non-fiction with an essay from an Erotic Art show from Winnipeg, readings of Craigslist posts, etiquette books from the 1940s, even a book titled ‘HOW TO GOOD-BYE DEPRESSION: If You Constrict Anus 100 Times Everyday. Malarkey? or Effective Way?’

We’ve made fun of popular literature like Twilight, Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert, Literary super star Tao Lin and even Grimms Fairy Tales.

Really, no genre is safe from Say Wha?! Over the last twelve months and 14 shows we have been celebrating the very worst in publishing, and people seem to like it.

Please join us for our one year anniversary show June 15, 2011

Reading at this show is an eclectic mix of Vancouver’s best comedic minds:

Ivan Decker – one of Vancouver’s finest stand-up comedians
Ken Hegan – MSN Travel writer, director and man-about-town
Tom Hill – improvisor with Pump Trolly and Hip Bang
Lauren McGibbon – stand-up comedian
Sam Mullins-  sketch comedian and storyteller
Adam Pateman – beloved comedian freshly returned from NYC!
Darren Williams-  Sketch comedian with The Skinny

Hosted by Sara Bynoe

Say Wha?! One Year Anniversary Show
Where: Cottage Bistro – 4470 Main Street (at 29 Ave)
Show: 8-10:30 pm
Tickets: $10 cash at the door

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