Say Wha?! May Photos

I always mean to hire a photographer for Say Wha?! but in the fluster of working full-time these days and getting the show up and going, I inevitably forget about it. Luckily, this month a talented young photog was in the audience and allowed me to share these with you. Thanks to Leigh Eldridge!

Sara Bynoe hosting, reading from Jann Arden's 'Selected Journals.' - Yeah, those were the good ones!

Tara Travis shares with us the wonders of a book on belly-dancing. The Belly-Dancer in You!

Megan Phillips - wait, wait, there's more Chuck Norris hilarity in this book!

Devon Lougheed amuses about the back cover of The Silva Mind Control Method by Jose Silva.

Dina Del Buccia excitedly shares the updates stories of Jessica and Elizabeth from Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years Later by Francine Pascal.

France Perras amuses us with the bizarre book 'MAN - The Book ' by Clay Travis and the Deadly Hippos

Daniel Zomparelli reading from 'Boytoon Adventures.' As he describe it: a weird erotic gay comic strip with such characters as Disco and Flamer. Where they get into mischief that involves way too many puns about penises.

Missing photo of Melanie Moore who rocked the show by reading an essay from an Erotic Art show from Winnipeg.

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