The Vancouver Fringe Festival is on and a few people have been asking me what shows they should go see. So, I’ve compiled a list of people I know who are fun, engaging performers, people I personally know or shows I’ve seen before.

In no particular order I recommend:

Every Job I Ever Had – Barry Smith

I’ve seen at least two of Barry’s previous shows. They’re always smart, witty and fun.

Lucky 9 – TJ Dawe

TJ Dawe is the king of one man shows. He’s what every fringe artist aspires to be.

Die Roten Punkte: Kunst Art

I caught this ‘band’ doing a midnight show in 2007 and I nearly laughed off my chair.

Racoonery – Morgan Brayton

Go see this funny and charming Say Wha?! performer.

Moving Along – Ryan Gladstone and Freud vs His Ego- Ryan Gladstone

Someday soon Ryan Gladstone will be the new TJ Dawe. Well, he already kind of is, but in his own way.

Jem Rolls: One Man Riot

Performance poetry with an accent. Aye.

You can download a Fringe Program to see more details about when and where these shows are playing:

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