Ode to Snapple Peach Iced Tea

After I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge

I yearned for my thirst to be clenched

Like an oasis, a quick-ie mart appeared

Transporting me back to my youth

Slid back the refrigerator door that separated us like a boarder

Brought you to the twelve year old shop-keeper watching Family Guy

Where I paid $1.39 for our time together

Twisted off your top with a satisfying pop

Drank you in like sunshine

Sweet, fruity perfection.

Why the heck aren’t you sold in Canada anymore?!!!!

One Reply to “Peach”

  1. sbynoe says:

    Oh, apparently you are still sold in Canada. It’s just hard to find the Peach flavor. I got a tip that London Drugs sells it. Horrah!

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