Say Wha?! How to get involved

Letter to people that want to read at Say Wha?!

Dear You,
Thank you for your interest in reading at Say Wha?!

Here’s what you need to know about the show.

  • Please try see a show before reading at it (or asking to read at it) so that you get a feel for the room and what works and what doesn’t. Also it is recommended that you watch this video of the first night:
  • Say Wha?! is a night dedicated to bad writing. It’s open to any genre but these ones have worked well so far: celebrity written fiction and autobiography, self-help, fantasy, romance, and smut.
  • How do you find material? It’s everywhere! You’ve just got to have a good eye for it. Which apparently I do. However I am available to assist people, as I am always looking out for bad writing myself, so if I know of any stuff I’ll be sure to send them your way.
  • This show needs comedic, charismatic readers who can draw the humour out of these books, by making the awful writing or concepts more amusing by poking jokes at them. This is why (for the moment) improvisors and comics are preferred over actors (sorry guys).
  • Time. Aim for 5 minutes of material – leave the audience wanting more. Readings over 8 minutes will be dragged off stage.
  • So once you’ve found some material please contact me and I’ll add you to the list of interested performers.

Thank you so, so very much. I am overwhelmed by the positive response to Say Wha?! and look forward to working with you.


Sara Bynoe

Host and Producer at Sara Bynoe Entertainment

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