Story Time Tuesdays #4 V-day Edition

In honour of Valentine’s day I have written six word memoirs for a few (just a few) of the relationships I’ve had in my life.

He cheated; became bad poetry muse.

High school. Three years. Unofficial marriage.

Met at SkankFest. Should have known.

School slut – couldn’t get it up.

His goal: be in my poetry.

He wife interviewed me at 26.

The most mutual breakup ever had.

30something bipolar, recumbent biker, total embarrassment.

He cocooned me in his misery.

We made sweet beep boop music.

Months he pursued – dated two weeks.

Younger man, so, so many problems.

Held him close in my sleep.

We made out under street lamps.

Second wife interview, only in Scotland.

Fits ‘list’ perfectly – forgot one thing.

2 Replies to “Story Time Tuesdays #4 V-day Edition”

  1. Colonel Parker says:

    Well, we all want to know what you forgot.

  2. sbynoe says:

    What I forgot? I’ll tell you when I see you. Don’t worry, it’s not terrible.

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