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This was me last week…

Now that I’m old and self-aware I can’t write angsty poetry. All I can do is post animated GIFS of my feelings. This was me a week ago…   Tragedy + Time = Comedy, right? Well, it does work with the flow chart.   But don’t you worry. This is me

Achy Breaky Heart

When I was twenty I got my heart broken. No, not broken, ripped out of my chest and thrown into the garbage. Simply put – I got dumped. After eight months of what I thought was blissful togetherness, I knew that something was up when my boyfriend wanted to spend

Story Time Tuesdays #4 V-day Edition

In honour of Valentine’s day I have written six word memoirs for a few (just a few) of the relationships I’ve had in my life. He cheated; became bad poetry muse. High school. Three years. Unofficial marriage. Met at SkankFest. Should have known. School slut – couldn’t get it up.

Story Time Tuesdays!

In an effort to get my writing into the public realm, I’m going to post an essay or a story every Tuesday on this site. So please subscribe, bookmark, or check back here once a week for a new story from moi. My first story is a tad lengthy for

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