My Week Without Makeup – Day Seven!

I made it! Seven days without makeup and it really wasn’t that bad. I survived! No, I flourished! I became enlightened about my appearance all because of the last week.

The allergic reaction that caused this product purge has cleared up; I haven’t wanted to scratch my eyes out for five days now.  My skin is surprisingly clear even though I didn’t wash my face with soap for a week! And my self-esteem has been boosted by all the wonderful supportive comments I’ve received from friends. (You like me, you really like me!)

This week I learned a lot of things about myself. I learned that I wasn’t all that confident in my appearance without the crutch of makeup. I’ve learned that I should be more confident about the face nature gave me. I’ve definitely learned that I am my own worse critic. And I’ve realized that I have an addiction to eyeliner. It’s been so strange to look at myself this week without it. However now that I’m not wearing it I think, and others have also said, that eyeliner actually makes me look a bit older; so with that the fresh face has won!

Today I even embraced my natural curls and let my hair air dry. I’ll also take this moment to point out that I reclaimed my natural color a few years ago and feel so much better for doing that. My hair thanks me, as does my wallet. So thank you allergic reaction for teaching me about natural beauty and for helping me see that less is more.

If any of you are thinking doing your own no-makeup diet I highly encourage it. You’ll learn a lot about yourself and your concept of beauty. Plus I’m sure your experience will be easier since you wont be fighting off a strange itchy eye allergy like I was.

For motivation here’s Stars without their makeup. It made me feel much better.

My Week Without Makeup- Day Five

Thankfully my eye itchiness and red puffy yet chapped lids have healed and returned to normal. I’ve successfully kept the cat out of my room for five days now. I haven’t washed my face with anything but water, especially not any of my new expensive products. I’ve even been able to sleep in for the last two days- Hallelujah!! So I think I’m in the clear, which is why it is so fricking hard not to cave and go back to wearing makeup, especially since I caved the other night.

One thing that happened this lazy day was that I went for brunch with my friend Donna who was convinced I was wearing eye shadow. I wasn’t. It’s just the way my skin looks different on my lid versus my eyebrow/bone area. Other than that she didn’t say much about my look, she’s just not that kind of girl.

For day five of this Doctor enforced experiment I really don’t have much to report. My eyes are feeling better. I wish I knew what the cause was. The cat hates me now that I’ve been avoiding it all week. And thankfully my skin is still pretty clear- but I think I owe most of that to the fact that I’m long out of puberty.

Two more days to go!

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Week Without Makeup -Day Three

Have you seen this video yet?

If you’re too lazy to watch this video, then you’re probably too lazy to read my blog also, and you’re missing out on an adorable girl with blond curly hair looking at herself in the mirror talking about all the things she likes in her life, her house, her room, her school, her cousins, her hair, her Allisons and she can do anything good, better than anyone.

I was shown this video by one of my guy friends who told me he thinks I look better without makeup. I told him I wasn’t posting the really terrible photos.

This morning I stood in front of my mirror not brushing on makeup or lining my eyes and I thought of Jessica (the little curly haired blond girl), I thought about the supportive comments I’ve had from friends and I started to believe that there might be some truth to them, that there really isn’t as big a difference as I think there is.

I first started dabbling with makeup in high school during my punk rock into raver days. I think mascara came first, followed by silver eyeliner. I was the kind of girl who bought her makeup at The Body Shop because of my stance on animal testing -e xcept for the silver eyeliner, I probably bent my ethics for that. Mostly I focused on my eyes adding shadow, liner and mascara. Then keeping with a natural look into high school I added bronzer instead of blush. That was all I wore until college when I stepped up my look with foundation and powder. I’ve noticed that as I age I’ve become more and more dependent on makeup.

Now I’ve never been the kind of girl to cake on makeup, thankfully my skin’s always been pretty clear, but I noticed over the last year that I was fairly constant with my eyeliner. Which is probably why this no-makeup look is feeling so drastic for me.

As this is day three without the slap I’ve found that I’m becoming more comfortable in my skin. When people look at me I stop telepathically apologizing for my tired face and I can accept that the difference probably isn’t as much as I think it is. Heck, last night I hung out with the boy I’ve been seeing and he’s still talking to me today (he may be a keeper!). I’m starting to realize that this probably isn’t as big a deal as I originally thought.

Even after Dance Dance Party Party I'm rocking the no makeup look.

I like my hair. I like my eyes. I like my smile. I like my friends. I like my boy friends. I like Dance Dance Party Party.  I like my dance moves. I like my energy. I like watching Jennifer pump herself up and wish that I’d done that more when I was a child. I like you for reading this blog.

My Week Without Makeup – Day Two

Last night for inspiration on my paint-free week I watched YouTube clips of my favorite BBC show Snog Marry Avoid. It’s a reality show where they make-UNDER skanky, orange, plastic wannabe WAGs living in the UK. When I was in London I couldn’t get enough of it, every woman on the show was worse than the previous in her addiction to fakery and skimpy clothes.

If you watch you’ll see women who look like 45 year old cougars who are actually 21 year old ‘makeup artists.’ The show is about cheekily insulting girls then stripping off their layers of falseness to let real beauty shine through. So, with that in mind I started Day Two in My Week Without Makeup.

I am by no means addicted to makeup like the ladies on Snog Marry Avoid, but I’ll admit it, I do not like the way I look without it. I have huge eyes and with that comes huge bags/ circles under my eyes. Today I think I look tired, old and haggered. I went for lunch with my friend Sam, who pretended that she didn’t notice the difference. My coworkers also fed me the same lie. And no I’m not doing one of those digging for compliments that girls do- ‘oh, I’m so fat,’ or ‘I have a terrible singing voice’ etc. I know I can look better than I do right now. Heck even the girls on Snog Marry Avoid still get to wear some makeup once they’re done their make-under!

I guess what I’m trying to say is that today it was a challenge to look at myself in the mirror and be okay with it. Thankfully my hair isn’t greasy today. And from far away I guess I don’t look that bad. But it’s certainly not the face I’m used to presenting to the world.

Hmmm being over lit, I don't look so bad.

Goal for Day Three: Rock the no-make up look. Confidence- it’s a state of mind.

My Week Without Makeup – Day One

Friday night my eyes began to itch. By Saturday night I was ready to claw my eyeballs out; my eyelids were dry and flakey, my eyes were bloodshot and I was super cranky. Even after Visine allergy drops and popping an antihistamine pill I was still irritated on Sunday. So, Monday after work, I went down to the clinic  where a Doctor told me I could have a contact allergy, although there’s no way to know for sure without expensive tests I can’t afford, so the best thing to do is to not wear make-up or wash my face with soap for an entire week. Wha?! Yeah, that’s what I’m supposed to do. I could have developed an allergy to my soap, face cream, makeup, or it could be the cat in my new apartment.

I know this is going to be difficult (the whole no makeup and no face washing thing) so I’ve decided to hold myself accountable to the 100 people that read my blog (maybe) and post about my struggle.

Someday I'm going to regret putting this on the internet

Day One

I usually give myself an hour every morning to go though my routine. I shower, dress, eat, do my hair, put on my face, change outfits two to seven times, write a little, read a little, listen to a bit of a podcast, brush my teeth and get on my way. This morning I found myself walking over to my make-up bag  wanting to smear on blush or at the very least mascara. But I didn’t. I circled around my room a few times, scrutinizing my thin skin and flaws in the mirror. Then I decided to hide behind the glasses I never wear thinking that it would serve as a mask or at the very least a distraction away from my red puffy eyes.

I’m also trying not to wash my hair every single day. Today was the day after I washed it so I walked around feeling not only ugly but greasy too.

Since I wore my glasses today everyone just assumed I wore contacts every other day. I don’t. I have 20/20 vision but an astigmatism which means I have difficulty adjusting to low light. Luckily my glasses are fancy -I’ve been told I look intimidating in them- and I wore my Fleuvog Boots, so no one noticed. When I was on the bus a teenage girl told me I had “great shoes.”

Not wearing makeup today caused me to hide a little from the world. I didn’t go to a party I was invited to because I didn’t feel up to it. But that has a little bit to do with the fact that my eyes are still itchy and red. Tomorrow I hope to rock more confidence, with clean hair and the thought that sexy is a state of mind. I just had to get one day of sulking out of the way.