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TONIGHT! I’m In Two Places At Once!

How can I be in two places at once? Well, I can’t really. But what I can do is my final night as Den Mama of Dance Dance Party Party Vancouver (encore edition) and then race down to The Emerald for Novelty Act where Riel Hahn is organizing a Hahn

Dance Dance Party Party Tuesday Time

I can’t quit dancing. I thought I was going to take a break and focus on other things but the love for dancing holds strong. DDPP is back on Tuesday nights, which should suit everyone’s schedules a little better. Please help me spread the word and share this post with

September Shows

Holy moly September is going to rock. It’s basically the month of all my shows times two. Here’s a quick run down: Friday, September 9 – Say Wha?! at the Vancouver Fringe Bar 8-10pm Saturday, September 10- Teen Angst at the Vancouver Fringe Bar 8-9:30 Saturday, September 10 – Literary

Get Ready to Dance!

Dance Dance Party Party is a girls-only free-form dance class with a emphasis on fun that I’m the Den Mother for. DDPP was started by a coupled of amazing ladies named Glennis McMurray and Marcy Girt. These two friends loved dancing at the clubs with gal pals, but loathed cover


You have never seen dancing like this before in your life. I’ve been a fan of Sara Carlson for over a year now and have probably watched this video 100 times and I’m still shocked and amazed by it. For all my Dance Dance Party Party ladies: watch and be

Week Without Makeup -Day Three

Have you seen this video yet? If you’re too lazy to watch this video, then you’re probably too lazy to read my blog also, and you’re missing out on an adorable girl with blond curly hair looking at herself in the mirror talking about all the things she likes in

Dance Dance Party Party!!!

“You wanna spin- spin! You wanna jump-jump! You wanna sit in the corner and do yoga- sweet, do it!” -DDPP NYC The female-only cult phenomenon known as Dance Dance Party Party™ (DDPP™) which began in New York City is finally in Vancouver (again)! Unlike typical workout or dance classes, Dance

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