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Teachers Read From Terrible Books

Are you hot for teacher? You will be after tonight’s Say Wha?! show. As you know Say Wha?! is a show where engaging and charismatic performers put their comedic spin on some of the most cringe-worthy, embarrassing and painfully earnest writing in print. It’s August so we’ve got a hot

Say Wha?! School’s Still Out Edition

Have you ever read a poorly written novel and thought to yourself, who publishes this crap? Or come across a hilariously out of date self-help book in a thrift store? Perhaps you flipped through Sarah Palin’s/ Justin Beiber’s/ R. Kelly’s etc. autobiography and guffawed at her/his life story. Well, that’s

TORONTO, Say Wha?! is back!

Say Wha?! comes back to Toronto’s Comedy Bar, Wednesday, June 17, 8 PM and it’s only $10!

Say Wha?! The Podcast 40 – Riel Hahn Has A Short Attention Span

Say Wha?! The Podcast shares recordings from the comedy show Say Wha?! Readings of Deliciously Rotten Writing in Vancouver, BC, Canada. In this episode, my Novelty Act partner, Riel Hahn reads from a bunch of books. Because… well… you’ll hear why. Listen to the podcast on iTunes, RSS feed, or just stream it HERE: If


There’s a teaser from the book I’m sharing tonight at Say Wha?! Advanced tickets are sold out but we can squeeze you in if you show up to The Emerald early enough. Doors are at 7:30PM and the show is at 8. Come inside from the rain, forget about the

Two December shows, Say Wha?!

This December I have two very special shows for you, both Say Wha?! Say Wha?! is the show where funny people read from terrible published books. I recently took the show to Portland’s All Jane No Dick festival and one person messaged me to say that the show was the

FINALLY! Say Wha?! The Podcast is back!

Dudes, I FINALLY got my life together enough to start doing the Say Wha?! podcast again. Yay!!! Thanks for all your complaints about wanting more that got me back on this train. I’ve got a great Marc Maron-y intro before the wonderful Say Wha?! reading so feel free to skip