Last weekend my heart was all


Then I got a job working as a researcher for a TV show with some wonderful people where I get to spend my day looking for fun and crazy stories.


THEN I noticed that so many people have been downloading my podcast including people in the UK, France, Germany, the USA and Ontario.



See, it goes to show, this too shall pass. Life just got awesome again. I’m going to soak it up!

This weekend I’m doing a workshop with Keith Johnstone (the man that invented TheatreSports), performing at VTSL’s Rookie Night on Sunday, on Monday night I’m in a show at East Van Comedy and on Thursday night I’m hosting Discorder Magazine’s launch party.

On Sunday a guy stopped me on the street …

Outside of the Art Gallery. Yes, people of Vancouver – a man actually stopped a woman on the street.


He said we passed each other a few blocks ago, and he had to chase me down because he wanted to tell me that I was hot.

This made me feel like …

Yeah snap

We chatted for about three minutes, because I want to support this kind of behavior in Vancouver. Then I had to run to a yoga class. He said he was from Calgary and that he was leaving tomorrow so he was going to cut to the chase… he wanted to f*ck me. 


I told him no, but that I’d take it as a compliment, then ran to my yoga class.

That approach must work for women in Calgary.