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Everything Is Falling Part

Hole-y heck! My mug is back (or still) on TV.

Ready, Set, GO!

On the morning of December 4, 2016 I got a phone call at 8:30 AM telling me I booked a commercial that was shooting in Santiago, Chile and my flight was leaving at 7 AM the next day. Exciting? Yes. Did I get all my shit together? No. Tomorrow a

I Was On SNL! Well….

A few weeks ago my father emailed me to say that he was watching SNL and he saw me on TV. The Edible Arrangement commercial I was in aired during the first commercial break. The first commercial. Ya know, the one that’s sometimes a fake commercial. Well, that’s when this


What the heck is this? This is a photo taken by Margret Nyfors of the cast of Rookie Night at Vancouver Theatre Sports a few weeks ago. Can you spot me? Yup, I’m the one in blue in a weird pose. I was dancing. I’m always dancing. I’m performing in

Throwback Thursday Thingy

I recently went to London, England and reconnected with some lovely people there. One of those people is my friend Kim. We made this short film based on a poem I wrote. I hope you enjoy it. I look very different. Thank goodness my hair finally grew out.

Vancouver Has A Museum? Long Version

What’s the Museum of Vancouver? It’s not the place by all the hot soccer players.

Vancouver Has A Museum?

I did this commercial for the Museum of Vancouver. You should really check that place out. This is the 15 second spot for this commercial. I hear there’s longer ones to come, so follow the MOV online and stay tunes. Or… I’ll probably let you know about them.