The Young & Spontaneous Series

522104_583420238335169_485045649_nI’m a part of something (that’s me on the left!) that I’m not producing! Huzzah!

Here are the details.

The Young & Spontaneous Series
Four nights of amazing directed improvisation.

The Road Trip
A group of twenty somethings are about to take the trip of their lives. They’ll learn about the country, and themselves as they travel from coast to coast for a very important reason. Tensions will be high, lives will be changed, secrets revealed and fun will be had!
Featuring: Erin Weber, Tyler Weber, Jeff Sanders, Jameison Rafter and Maddy Rafter.
Directed by Shawn Norman

Star Alliance 557
The intergalactic space highway is long and tiring for the crew of the Star Alliance 557. Our crew of Navigator Scott Bucket (Andrew Chen), Captain Dartagnan Ganymede (Shawn Norman) and Robotic Unit B.I.L.L. (Warren Bates) travel through space doing the lowest priority jobs for StarCorp (a subsidiary of the Star Alliance of Companies). Sometimes they accidentally have adventures.
Directed by Alistair Cook

The Feud
A cast of six improvisors will explore a feud that divides a community. Based on two suggestions, this improvised play will showcase how a polarizing issue affects relationships, between enemies and allies, family and neighbours.
Featuring: Brent Hirose, Kyle P. Fines, Tristan MacKinlay, Michael Unger, Jenna Briscoe and Kiera Floor.
Directed by Lauren McGibbon

Sex. Crime. Intrigue. 
This 1950’s pulp-style crime fiction piece will knock you off your feet with its gritty characters and thrilling story. Based on the dark heroes, seductive dames, and sleazy criminals of classic Mickey Spillane works, this show draws heavily on the genre to explore the ins and outs of a seedy criminal world. Crimes will be solved, lies will be exposed, hearts will be broken, and audiences will be left wanting more.
Featuring: Ayma Letang, Joel Cottingham, Julianne Hoyak, Mathieson McCrae, Peter John Prinsloo and Sara Bynoe
Directed by Nicole Passmore

Down the Rabbit Hole
Witness two characters in one location explore their relationship only to find their secrets unfold layer after layer of their reality. Join Zach Wolfman and Sarah Thompson in this character driven improvised one act play.

Daddy’s Lamborghini
Jim Miller and Nadiya Chettiar dive deeply into a world of Duo style improv. Inspired by long scenes, enchanting characters and maybe even a little Tarantino.
Directed by Alistair Cook

In this one man horror film Cameron will improvise a 25 minute slasher film involving an abomination of horrific proportions and the teens he prays upon.
Featuring: Cameron MacLeod
Directed by Mostly Cam with some help from Alistair Cook

Let’s Make a SCENE!
It is time for you to COME ON DOWN and join our cast for a Gameshow that will test your mental and comedic strengths! Instant Theatre Company member Brian Cook hosts as two teams battle to help their audience member win prizes and cash!
Featuring: Brian Cook, Brad MacNeil, Nicole Passmore, Tim Carlson, Kim Yip, Ryan Chaput, Peter Carlone and Louis Deschner.
Directed by: Alistair Cook

The Schedule:

Sunday: April 28th
7:30 –Road Trip / Nightmare on Halloween Friday
9:00 – The Feud / Star Alliance 557

Monday: April 29th
7:30 — Let’s Make a SCENE! / Daddy’s Lamborghini
9:00 – Down The Rabbit Hole / GRIT

Tuesday: April 30th
7:30 — Let’s Make a SCENE! / The Feud
9:00 — Daddy’s Lamborghini / GRIT 

Wednesday: May 1st
7:30 – Cam MacLeod’s Nightmare on Halloween Friday / Down the Rabbit Hole
9:00 — Road Trip / Star Alliance 557

DATES: April 28th to May 1st (7:30 and 9:00 shows)
Where: Havana Theatre (1212 Commercial Drive)
Tickets: $5 online $10 at the door ($15 for both shows)
More Info and tickets at

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