Watch the Live Streamed Teen Angst Night

We don’t know why but we were flagged 5 minutes before the end of the show so it ends dramatically after we got Emma Cooper back on a FaceTime after their Internet went down and they got kicked off of Zoom. It was virtual insanity.

Thanks to everyone who watched!


Thank you for tuning in to our live stream! We hope this event can be a reminder that we’re all in this together. As a teenager you might have isolated in your bedroom feeling like you were all alone and no one understands your pain, but now we know everyone else felt that way too.. and some things never change.

Jackie Hoffart
Marie Shumam
Kerry Thompson
Dave Matte
Robyn Roukema
Nina Wilder
Christina Sicoli
Emma Cooper

Thanks to your ticket purchases and donations we have donated $150 to the Vancouver Food Bank and $100 to the DTES Response.


Also you should read this great interview Emma Cooper did for the Tyee about comedy during a pandemic. 


Thanks for Watching-YouTube-Cover Image

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