Characters & Words


If you follow me on Instagram you know about this already. I’ve recently started an acting/ writing/ photography projects I’m calling #CharactersAndWords where I create a character, photograph myself as them, and write a character study or short story inspired by the character. My intention is to do this for a full month.

The response so far has been very kind and supportive. It’s an improvised and quick process where characters, photos, and words are often created and posted in under an hour. Check it out!

2 Replies to “Characters & Words”

  1. Charles Weiler says:

    Do you want a critique of the character & words? Not of you the actor but of the”piece.”
    My first suggestion is that you need a better camera/cell phone. Your portraits are becoming gaunt and distorted – imho. The Canon G12 comes to mind.

    Vegetarian vs. vegan, eh?
    Just read your better burger rant in Asparagus. There’s an even better pseudoburger coming out of a restaurant in the mid-West.

    • sbynoe says:

      No one asked you for a critique, Chuck.

      If you want me to use a better camera you can go ahead and buy me one. You can send it to my agent at Trisko talent.

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