Can’t Stop. Won’t Stop.

TEEN ANGST NIGHT Can’t Stop and it Won’t Stop. 

Way back in the year 2000 I had the idea for – an online database of the world’s worst poetry written during adolescent angsty times. For the website launch I hosted a Teen Angst Night and invited everyone to get up on stage and read something they wrote when they were a teenager.

15 years later this night is still going. Why? Because it’s timeless fun.

Join me on Tuesday, November 17, 8-10 PM for another Teen Angst Night at The Cottage Bistro (4468 Main Street). Enjoy cheap drinks, food, and laugh as people share stories and read verbatim the most embarrassing things they could find in their childhood closets.

The reader list is full, but if you want to get on the list for the next time I do this event sign up HERE. 

More Info

Here’s one of my favourite readings from past Teen Angst Nights.

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