Teen Angst Night – What People Say

Next Tuesday is Teen Angst Night. Awesome, right? That’s what you’re thinking if you’ve been before.

If you’ve never been I know you’re apprehensive. You’re worried it’s a therapy show. It’s not. You’re worried it’s not going to be funny. It’s hilarious. Maybe you’re afraid you’ll be inspired to dig through your old diaries and then one day end up on stage like the rest of them; this is very likely. Don’t worry, it’s fun and addictive. Why else would I keep doing this show?

To put you newbies at ease here’s an example of some of the things people have shared at Teen Angst Night before:


Teen Angst Night is hilarious, but don’t just take my word from it. Go on Twitter and search for #TeenAngstNight. I did and look at these great reviews I found.


Tuesday, May 19, 2015
Cottage Bistro | 4468 Main Street | 8-10 PM
$10 cash only at the door | Readers get in for FREE
Facebook Event

More details and show history HERE

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