Behind The Curtain


Sunday, May 4 Pal Studio Theatre presents an evening of amusing, touching and outrageous stories of life on and off-stage in an intimate cabaret setting.

HOSTED BY the inimitable SARA BYNOE

Admission by donation. 
To reserve a space go to: Eventbrite

Doors: 6:30pm
Show: 7:30pm
Pal Studio Theatre – 581 Cardero Street


Gary Jones -award-winning playwright, improviser, actor, and writer for CBC’s The Debaters

Riel Hahn-comedian who’s appeared in film and TV, noted show host for many Vancouver Events

Toby Hargrave– comedian who’s appeared at many comedy festivals including Montreal’s Just for Laughs

Alison Kelly -actor, writer and co-creator of the international hit, Mom’s the Word

Jacques Lalonde –actor, writer, producer, Fringe Festival favorite, aka One Crazy Frenchman

Nicole Roberge- actor, director, dancer and drama teacher

Jacques St Cyr- passionate dance artist who’s worked with many renowned choreographers

Judy Ginn Walchuk & Jim Walchuk – brother and sister song writing duo, recently inducted into the B.C. Entertainment Hall of Fame


Jacques Stcyr – I went to visit a famous ballet school in Novosibirsk to see the Siberian Ballerinas in training and found romance with Tatiana, russian ballerina.

Gary Jones still battles with post-traumatic stress disorder after working on on episode of The Black Stallion with screen legend, Mickey Rooney.

Allison Kelly – What lengths will a 16 year old go to in order to be noticed by the object of her affections on set?

Sitting in the dark, with tears streaming down her cheeks, Nicole ‘Coco’ Roberge suddenly understood exactly what was secretly missing from her lucky-looking life: Salsa, baby. Arriba.

Jacques Lalonde – Sometimes you can’t do the show unless you break out of jail.

Riel Hahn – Did Eric Stoltz love or hate her? Why did Arnold Schwarzenegger flex his pec muscles at her? Did she ever talk to Steve Martin? How big is Quentin Tarantino’s ass? Why did Robin Williams give her fifty bucks? Tales of Riel Hahn’s brushes with celebrity may shed light on why she isn’t one herself.

Toby Hargrave – The drunken rumblings of a sober man.


(South-West corner of Georgia and Cardero, beside the White Spot) has changed its fees to $3.00 for the night. 6pm to 8 am seven days a week.

OR Bayshore Gardens Parking directly under PAL at Cardero & Bayshore Drive $13 flat evening rate

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