Say Wha December RECAP


Goodness, the last Say Wha?! of 2013 was such a wonderful show. Missed it? Here’s the recap.

Stu Popp kicked off the show with a ‘book’ called Evolution is Stupid. It called museums ‘science churches.’

Alicia Bernbaum made her Say Wha?! debut with a book called Temptation about Amish teenagers in love. It’s like Romeo and Juliet or Twilight only with the Amish, of course.

Chip Ellis, that loveable American, recently became an official Canadian. His twelfth Say Wha?! reading was on the subject matter of his citizen test: Discover Canada. We learned that Canada did a lot of horrible things and then apologized for all of them, naturally.

Brent Constantine made his Say Wha?! show debut by reading from a choose your own adventure book which had some personal meaning to him: House of Danger. 

Cam Macleod read from Twitches. Teens. Witches. Exactly.

I recapped the worst books I read in 2013. Guess what? Most of them were sex and dating related. Go figure.

Next Say Wha?! show is Wednesday January 15 at the Cottage Bistro.

I’ll be reading from this horrible, horrible, scary, incest book all my friends read in grade 6. It’s being made into a TV movie. Again. Why? Hollywood has run out of ideas.


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