Psychic Say Wha?! Recap


Say Wha Nov 2013

Here’s a recap of last night’s Say Wha?! Readings of Deliciously Rotten Writing

The book I chose last week to read at Say Wha?! has been on my Say Wha?! bookshelf for about 6 months now. (I keep my good books separated from my terrible ones). I don’t know why I chose this month to share it. I decided I was sick of dating books, because I’m officially giving up on ever finding love in this city, so I needed something else. Or maybe the spirit world had something to do with me choosing this book.

In The Afterlives of the Rich and Famous Sylvia Browne channels her spirit guide Francine and asks questions about what happened to our favourite celebrities. I covered, Bob Marley, Chris Farley, Albert Einstein and Michael Jackson.

An hour before the show I was at the Cottage Bistro and decided to Google Sylvia Browne one last time to see if there were any funny facts about her I could use in my reading. The first thing that came up was an article from CNN posted 27 minutes prior: Sylvia Brown dies.  SAY WHA?! INDEED! Then Eric Fell yelled out that she died right at the top of my reading and ruined my closer.

Here’s what everyone else read:

Actor, writer, director and Fringe Festival King TJ Dawe made his debut on the show with Steven Tyler’s autobiography, Does the Noise in My Head Bother You? Yes. Yes it did.

Comedian and Improvisor Kyle Fines brought to life the ridiculous horror of Someone I Love is Gay, complete with sound effects.

Local improvisor and D & D Critical Hit Show master Eric Fell was back for his umpteenth time with Crash, a famous book turned into a famous movie that I didn’t realize was all about someone walking around with semen in their hands.

MLP: Friendship is Magic director Jim Miller also performed at Say Wha?! for the first time with a book that brought together themes from my book and Kyle’s: Revelations Of – Unexplained Mysteries by Dr. Elnour Bey Iskander The Ancient Traveller.

Closing out the night was comedian Dylan Rhymer who shared his history of drug use and compared it to the teenage ‘journal’ and bestseller Go Ask Alice.

Basically it was a solid show. You missed out. But, you can get some of the Say Wha?! magic on iTunes or RSS or streaming.


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