Say Wha?! October Recap

photoLast night was a diverse and hard hitting Say Wha?! show.

We had Stu Popp sharing his love of basketball and appreciation of players with a sense of style reading from Rockin’ Steady a Guide to Basketball & Cool by Walt Frazier. Below is a picture from the book of a bedroom with a mirror on the ceiling, because that’s how you do cool. Cool isn’t being afraid that the mirror with fall on you in your sleep.

Making his Say Wha?! debut was Travis Dudfiled who went after the ‘greatest book of all time’ (according to some) James Joyce’s Ulysses. I learned that the book is about a man who walks around Dublin, there’s a who guy masturbates in public, and there’s a play with a talking bar of soap. AMAZING!

Amy Wilding was back for her second appearance and she shared a book her father read to her when she was little called The Story of Little Black Sambo. We also learned that her father is incredibly racist.

I saved dinosaur porn for last, because I’ve learned the hard way that shows should never start with bestiality. You’ve got to warm up to that. I read excerpts from Taken by the T-Rex, Dino at the Dig and Ravished by the Raptor from Kindle sensation “Christie Sims.” If Fifty Shades of Grey didn’t do it for you, perhaps what you need is some good loving from a prehistoric creature.  Dear. Lord. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post where I share the best/worst/most disturbing parts.

The next Say Wha?! show is Wednesday, November 20.

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