Say Wha?! The Musical! … Edition


Did you know that there is a sequel to Phantom of the Opera? Oh yes, and it’s horrible!

Not many people know this, but when I started performing my dream was to be in musicals. My first performance was in Jr High school, I played an aunt in A Child’s Christmas in Whales (which is more a play with songs than a musical). I did a few after school classes in musical theatre, but the dream was never realized. I quickly retired that dream after meeting one too many perky musical theatre superstars, you know those girls that time step waiting for the bus. The last musical I ever did was Pal Joey when I was at Studio 58; I was never going to be a star, I was lucky to be a chorus girl.

Then one day I was talking to Mike MacKenzie, director of Riverview High: The Musical playing August 7-24 at the Firehall Theatre, about musical theatre and the topic got around to terrilbe musical theatre songs – like Shipoopi.

That’s when a lightbulb went off  – we should do a Say Wha?! show about musical theatre songs! A year later that event is finally happening.

Thursday, July 11 8-10pm
Little Mountain Gallery, 195 east 26th avenue MAP
$10 at the door

Produced and hosted by Mike Mackenzie and me!

Featuring musical performances by Chris Adams, Cameron Dunster, Shantini Klaassen, Anna Kuman, and Sayer Roberts.

This is a scratch show, meaning that we are testing out this format, but it looks like it’s going to be a popular event at a small-ish sized venue. Here’s a tip: get there early! Doors at 7:15pm

Facebook Event

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