Say Wha?! May Recap

picstitchHere’s what happened last Wednesday at the Say Wha?! show”

I read from the poems of Suzanne Somers. Here’s a very funny video of Kristen Wiig reading from the same book.

Stu Popp entertained us with a reading of Tailchaser’s Song. It was wonderfully horrible and is currently being made into an animated film so we can relive the pain of it in 2014.

Lee Ann Kepel brought sexy back with her reading of Gloria Vanderbuilt’s most recent erotic novel, Obsession. Quick recap: the sex was boring but the shopping scenes were euphoric. Fun fact: this was written by the 89 year old mother of Anderson Cooper.

Devon Lougheed edu-tained us with a cookbook, The Alternative Vegan, because being vegan isn’t alternative enough.

Our event came to a climax with Briana Rayner sharing from Electric: The Best Lesbian Erotic Fiction. There was a story about waitresses in Dunkin Donuts and one about exploring caves.

Thanks to everyone who came out and packed the Cottage Bistro for the show.

The next show is on June 19 and it’s the Three Year Anniversary show. There will be cake or something like that. Then I’m taking a summer break from Say Wha?! so this will be your last chance to see the show live until September or even October. Don’t miss out!

Don’t live in Vancouver? Did you know there’s a Say Wha?! Podcast? Four episodes are out. Subscribe on iTunes.

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