Say Wha?! Recap from February

Oops. This post should have gone up over a month ago. Oh well, better late than never.


Cameron MacLeod read from R Kelly’s amazingly crazy autobiography. Turns out R Kelly used to strip as Darth Vader.
Emily Elias shared Miley Cyrus’ autobiography that was equally as crazy as R Kelly’s but coming from a 16 year old TV star who thought she was being very deep.
Brad McNeil told us about his love for Les Miz and Susan Boyle. He dreamed a dream and the book was shitty. 

I read from two Michael Masters books “Text Appeal for Girls” was a repeat of “Text Appeal for Guys,” go figure. Mr Masters, who is better than us at texting because he lived in Asia, had a lot of insane things to say about how to trap a guy in “He Won’t Marry You: 75 Reasons Why He Won’t Commit and What To Do About It!” 

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