Say Wha?! March Recap

picstitch-7I shared two books that have been on my Say Wha?! book shelf for ages now. Stories from the Playboy Mansion about how disgusting the carpets are and how Hugh Hefner makes his girlfriends ask for their $1000/week allowance.  Sliding into Home and Bunny Tales.


Gary Jones shared 365 ways to Kiss Your Love. A book by the inventor of the Topsy-Tail who lives alone with her dog Smooch. @TheGaryJones

Warren Bates shared some celebrity advice from Take It From Us, which apparently you can buy on Amazon for $70. Say Wha?! @WarrenHBates

Nicole Passmore read to us from Faith Evans’ autobiography Keeping The Faith, from it we learned how gross Faith found Big. @nlpassmore

Closing out the night was Chip Ellis who went to the library and took out Do It Yourself Coffins For Pets and People and it’s follow up book Fancy Coffins to Make Yourself. @chipellis

Join us next month at the Cottage Bistro for another edition of Say Wha?! Readings of Deliciously Rotten Writing. Save the date – April 17.

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