February Say Wha?! Show

Have you ever read a poorly written novel (like 50 Shades of Grey) and thought to yourself, who publishes this crap? Or come across a hilariously out of date self-help book in a thrift store? Perhaps you heard that R. Kelly wrote an autobiography? Well, that’s what Say Wha?! is all about.

At Say Wha?! engaging and charismatic performers put their comedic spin on some of the most cringe-worthy, embarrassing and painfully earnest writing in print.

We read this so you don’t have to.

Hosted by Sara Bynoe
Cameron MacLeod
Emily Elias
Adam Pateman
Brad McNeil

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Cottage Bistro- 4468 Main Street

Tickets at the door: $5-10 sliding scale

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