The Room at The Rio


The Rio Theatre & Black Dog Video presents the You-Gotta-See-It-To-Believe-It Best Worst Movie Ever Masterpiece, “THE ROOM.”

*Buy Advanced Tickets for $8 at*
Tickets at the door will be $8 in film-related costume, $10 without.

Audience participation is encouraged (bring plastic spoons)!
You will laugh.
You will cry.
You will have no idea what the hell is happening.
Licensed screening with bar service: (19+ only; 2 pieces of ID required)

Friday, February 8. Doors 8pm / Screening 9pm.

Hosted by Teen Angst Poetry Queen Sara Bynoe. Contests begin at 8:30. There will be Prizes for Best Bad Break Up poetry and Best Costume!

“THE ROOM” (Tommy Wiseau – 2003) If you haven’t attended “The Room” at a theatre with an audience by now, brothers and sisters, you are missing out on a one-of-a-kind cinema experience!

Once upon a time, an inexperienced actor/director/writer/producer named Tommy Wiseau set out to film a serious drama about relationships called “The Room.” However when the film premiered at a theatre in Los Angeles the audience was rolling over with laughter ten minutes into it. That historic first screening was the catalyst that transformed “The Room” into the enormous cult smash hit that it is today.

Is Tommy Wiseau really an alien from outer space making a human movie about humans and not knowing a f***ing thing about humans? Seriously if you’ve seen the movie it’s like he has no idea how people act or how they talk! “The Room” is unlike anything you’ve ever seen and probably will never see anything like it ever again. (D.G.)

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