Say Wha?! January Recap

What a wonderful crowd turned out for the first Say Wha?! show of 2013. Thanks to the birthday group of 30 we were jam packed into the Cottage Bistro.

Here’s what we covered.


I read from this terrible Canadian classic, where we learned that all you had to do to win a Governor General’s award in 1976 was write about a woman getting her freak on with a bear. Also, use words no one can pronounce. 


The charming Stu Popp shared some more bestiality in this book. Although can you call it bestiality if the creature a human is having sex with is already half-human (and half dinosaur)?


Dina Del Bucchia shared her love for Ty-Ty and shared with us just how kind, sensitive, beautiful and fat-hatting Miss Top Model really is. We also learned that she invented the Grunge look.


Lauren McGibbon shared the insightful reviews of the greatest videos of our time by Moms with too much time on their hands. 


Taking us full-circle, Kyle Bottom shared this book for animal lovers and told us that he has a cat like he has a couch; it lives in his apartment and he occasionally drops food on it. 

Next Say Wha?! show is Wednesday, February 20.

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