PuSh Festival – My Picks

PuShBigBox Some of you may know that I’m working for the PuSh Festival again this year. I’m the social media and opening gala coordinator.

My shows and events (Say Wha?! Teen Angst and Dance Dance Party Party) are accessible with a focus on being silly. The over arching theme of my work is “Don’t take yourself so seriously.” Which is why some people have found it odd that I’m working for PuSh, a festival of edgy theatre/ dance/ music/ performance art.

To those people I say, oh well. My shows may never be part of the festival, that doesn’t mean that my tastes are incongruent with PuSh.

There are some incredible shows this year that I’m super excited to see and I wanted to tell you about them.

I’m pretty much excited about everything.

My top PuSh Festival Picks


1. Do You See What I Mean?

It’s a 2.5 hour blindfolded tour of Vancouver.

Do you need to know anything else? You’re never going to have this opportunity again! I imagine this ‘show’ is going to challenge your perspective and experience of this city and give you a whole new appreciation for your vision. I CANNOT WAIT FOT THIS!

StillStandingYou_PhileDeprez1-300x2012. Still Standing You

Two male dancers explore their bodies through movement. I’m told it’s not really dance. They shove each other. They wrestle. They will get naked. At one point they pull at each other’s penises. It sounds bizarre, hilarious, scary, and awesome.

My favorite dance piece ever was  in a retrospective of choreographer Marie Chouinard’s work, at the High Performance Rodeo in Calgary, where a piece consisted of a woman dressed in a hospital gown coming on stage with a bucket and a cup of water. She drank the water and peed in the bucket, then walked off stage carrying the bucket and glass. So Still Standing You seems to be right up my alley.

3. Human LibraryHumanLibrary_LiesbethBernaerts1-300x200

I love the idea of this. People as books. I love people and I love books. This is an opportunity to talk to others about their lives.

The PuSh Festival’s Human Library will include the following “Books:” a Female Heavy Machinery Engineer, a Schizophrenic, someone with Asperger’s, a Wickan, a Refugee, a CODA (Child of Deaf Adults), an Islamophobe, a Born Again Christian, a Culture Pirate, and a Sex Therapist.

Also, it’s FREE!

SometimesIThink_TanjaDorendorf1-300x1994. Sometimes I think I can see you

Writers will be seated in the VAG lobby and the VPL atrium. They will have laptops. Their writing will be projected on to screens that everyone can see. They will be writing about the people and things they see around them. If you’re there they might even write about you.

I love writing. I love people watching. It’s also FREE! Why wouldn’t you go?

5. Club PuShHawksleyWorkman_BlakeSitter1-300x200 (1)

This is the place where the party always is. Show up on the weekends and check out the bands after the main shows. It’s a great place to meet people and see fun, edgy work. Here are some of the ones I’m most looking forward to.

Hawksley Workman – What Gods May Come – A one-man cabaret with Hawksley. What could go wrong?

Look Mummy, I’m Dancing This woman sounds amazing. Sixty-four-year-old Belgium theatre artist Vanessa Van Durme tells her extraordinary story that started when she was a boy.

Northern Soul Part of an evening of three work from the UK. I think the whole night is going to be good, but I’m looking forward to this comedic performance. I also think she’s also going to DJ at the end of the night! You know how much I love dancing. If you love East Van Soul Club, I think you’ll enjoy this night.

Oh! I’m also Interested in these shows: Haptic & Holistic Strata, Encore,  The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Heart and I saw Ride the Cyclone before and it’s really fun!

If you’re not doing anything this Monday, January 14 I organized the Opening Gala. It should be a great party.  See you at the festival!

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