Ikea Monkey

It’s been a while since I’ve posted something under the category of “Best of the Internet.” My apologies  I’m trying to curb my Internet addiction by reading books. That’s right! Good books! Not just Say Wha?! books, but thats not what this post is about.

Yesterday I was online and stumbled upon a photo of a monkey in what appeared to be a mini sheep-skin jacket.


The photo is amusing in and of itself, but the memes that have been created in the past day are quite amusing.

However, the story  behind it is a sad one. A woman in Toronto took her pet monkey (wait- Canadians are allowed to own exotic pets?!) to Ikea where it caused a scene. Luckily, the monkey is now with Animal Services. Why someone would actually own a monkey as a pet is beyond me. Of course, after working as a researcher on Confessions: Animal Hoarding, the idea of owning any pet is somewhat revolting to me.

This video of Ikea Monkey is my favorite thing to come out of the meme.

This reminded whole story also me when I was living in London and BBC Channel 4 played a documentary called My Monkey Baby.

‘Merica is a weird, weird place.

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