Rewind Button: Jimi Hendrix – Are You Experienced?

The Rewind Button is a group blogging project instigated by Rachel Tynan. As part of her New Years’ Resolutions for 2012, she set out to listen to Rolling Stone’s top 50 albums of all time. Rebecca Stevenson thought it would be fun if a group of bloggers listened to the same albums at the same time, then posted their reactions. The Rewind Button is the group of bloggers who are going through the Top 40 and posting about a new album every Thursday. This is album 15/40.

Oh Jimi Hendrix, I don’t think there was a garage or a basement jam session I visited in my early teen years that didn’t have a poster of him up on the wall.

This is my review: I was unable to listen to this album without thinking of this scene from Wayne’s World. I love that movie, therefore I enjoyed this album.

Other bloggers who rewound Are You Experienced can be found Here, Here, Here, and more to come.

Only one more album until I can review Nirvana’s Nevermind! Yay!

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