Amuse Booche Comedy

Some of you interested in the Vancouver comedy scene might already know about this lovely intimate show at Slickity Jim’s on Main Street.

Amuse Bouche is a weekly comedy show that is an intimate evening of mike-free comedy hosted by the talented, charming, and hilarious Riel Hahn and Ian Boothby.

Slickity Jim’s Chat and Chew, 3469 Main Street
Fridays, 8:00pm sharp, $5

These lovely women came to the one Amuse Booche I performed at and wrote a cute blog post about it.

Here’s what they said about me:

“a writer-comedian who, in my opinion, stole the show with her hilarious teen angst poetry rhymes. Sara Bynoe created a website where adults could post the dramatic musings they penned in their youth and treated the audience to her own journal compositions – written at the age of 13. “Fuck homework. Fuck life. Fuck you.” or something along those entertaining lines.

Not a direct quote but it’s pretty close.

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