Sex, Lies and Leprechauns … Say Wha?!

While doing my Say Wha?! research I came across this great blog Evil Librarian Supervillian and her post Bodice Rippers: 21 Of The Most Ridiculous Romance Novels…EVER. One of the titles in it is Sex, Lies and Leprechauns.

At tonight’s Say Wha?! Readings of Deliciously Rotten Writting I will be reading from that blimey title. Here’s the summary:

Sex Lies and Leprechauns
Author: Renee Roszel

BEGUILED… — Sex: Okay, so what if Devlin Rafferty was as handsome as the devil, and sexy and charming to boot! Laura Todd was a woman on a mission–to find a missing heir in Ireland. And if that wasn’t reason enough to avoid Devlin, she’d vowed to steer clear of men after having her heart broken…twice. — Lies: A little pleasurable diversion with Devlin couldn’t hurt, Laura rationalized. Except it was becoming too darn pleasurable–and threatening to become a lot more than a diversion.

Leprechauns: Faith and begorrah! Dare she believe in Devlin’s declaration of everlasting love for her at first sight? Yeah, sure, and soon she’d be believing in leprechauns, too!


Say Wha?! February 15

Cottage Bistro – 4470 Main Street

Show starts at 8 pm ends before 10 pm
Post Valentine’s Day Love and Romance themed readings by:

Riel Hahn
Barbara Kozicki
Aaron Mccallum
Sam S Mullins
Robyn Volk

Pay at the door with a sliding scale to suit your budget: suggested $10 minimum $5. 

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