Show Cancelled

I live in Canada. Hockey is our national sport. Or so I think. I’m not going to bother looking it up.

I live in Vancouver. Vancouver’s hockey team is in the Stanley Cup finals. The finals have gone to game 7. This will be the game that determines who wins the Stanley Cup. This is a big deal in Canada. This is happening Wednesday, June 15. The same day as my one year anniversary show of Say Wha?!

Fine. Hockey, you win.

Say Wha?! is cancelled.

But … instead of taking the summer off, now Say Wha?! will have a July show. Wednesday July 13. That’s the day before my birthday! So now you have to come to Say Wha!? It’ll be Say Wha?!’s belated birthday and my pre-birthday!

Those Canucks had better win the cup. Or Beiber gets it.

3 Replies to “Show Cancelled”

  1. Wise decision. As a side note, I believe that lacrosse is our official national sport. But no-one’s counting.

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