Say My Name!!

Today seems to be a total write off, I was on Facebook and someone posted a link to where it will put your name into Duck Sauce’s Barbara Striestand song. It’s a fun song that I played at Dance Dance Party Party a few weeks ago and sounds like this:

BUT when I put my name into the GoBarbra simulator with the first voice option and it didn’t pronounce my name right. Listen to the awfulness of my last name here:

Bin-o? Really?

Then I tried another voice, this time Brian GB (for Great Britain) and that voice said my first name in the snobby sounding British way but got my last name right. Listen here:

The best voice that read my name was Amy GB. She’s the only one that came close.

I always find it strange how some people can pronounce my last name correctly and others, butcher it or freeze up completely. The Vancouver Public Library computer that phones me to tell me that my holds are in can get my name right; my first, middle AND last.

Then I found this site that will tell you how to pronounce names and it got it RIGHT!

I also learned that Bynoe is a name from the West Indies. It all goes to show that I need to get my ass back to Barbados where hopefully they will pronounce both my names the same way I do, because they are my people.

by no
e is silent as it is a west indian origin name the y is treated like the bi

That is all. Get back to work Friday.

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