Freedom Diaries – Day Two

We woke up and wandered down to the Hayes Valley for breakfast. I can’t remember why. Maybe Kitty looked it up in our wonderful TimeOut guide. Either way it was a brilliant idea.


After passing adorable furniture stores, a vintage dress shop and a few nik-nak stores that ladies love so much we found ourselves at a French boulangerie, which was redundantly named La Boulange Bakery.  Amongst the crowd of San Francisco intellectuals and organic food eaters, I had a fantastic breakfast of an egg and cheese sandwich (with avocado!) with a side of fresh fruit (fresh fruit in December!) and a bowl of Americano. La Boulange was full of beautiful treats, cakes and people watching. I took a hazelnut and chocolate croissant to go for later and it was yummi-licious!

Our plan for the rest of the day was to visit the SFMOMA, which must be pronounced sf-mo-ma. Ssff. It’s very funny. To us.

On the way through a less appealing neighborhood between the Hayes Valley and the SF MOMA, that reminded me of Vancouver, we passed an older ‘gentleman’ sitting on a stoop who gave me the best catcall I have ever received in my life. Great ready for it. … “I saw your picture …in the dictionary… under hoooh baby!” We laughed all the way down the block. I was not prepared for that. It knocked “compliment of the day: you have nice boobs,” that I got from a homeless man by Science World, off the top spot on my catcall list (hmm future blog post topic). Five minutes later a group of men do-waping outside a shop called us, “sexy, sexy, sexy.”

As you will see reading my Freedom Diaries, things overheard or had said to us were a big part of what made this trip so wonderful.

SFMOMA stock photo

At the SFMOMA we browsed through the galleries taking in the following exhibits:
Exposed: Voyeurism, Surveillance, and the Camera Since 1870, Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Modern Century and others that were less affecting. Kitty teaches photography and is highly educated in the art world so on this visit I got a personal tour guide.

We went for a late lunch at a place called The Grove that was nearby where we enjoyed free wi-fi and more fresh squeezed OJ. I’m seriously considering buying a juicer because of this trip.

Later we were back by Danny Tanner’s home to freshen up for the big deal that is supposed to be New Years Eve . For dinner we were off to a pizza place that had been recommend by a friend. It’s called Delfina. Kitty is a big pizza snob, she loves thin crust and authentic Italian pies and this place got top marks from her. It’s a tiny little shop where we had to eat outside because it was so busy, luckily the weather wasn’t too cold for us Canucks.

On to the NYE adventure. We wandered into the Mission district and found ourselves at a place called Beauty Bar where apparently on normal nights you can drink and get your nails done. From the moment we walked in we had to fight off drunken slobs, but that’s what NYE is all about, right? We rang in the new year dancing to mash-ups and laughing with new friends. Not a bad way to ring in 2011, especially now that we’re grown-ups who realize that it’s not such a big deal after all.

The best part of the evening: I didn’t get punched in the face!*

*Which is what happened to me in Edinburgh NYE 2009.

One Reply to “Freedom Diaries – Day Two”

  1. Theresa says:

    Um, why did someone punch you in the face? I mean really, you are so adorable?

    Happy New Year btw.

    My sis, Serra, is moving away (bitch) so I will be stalking you all by myself now…sigh… I was thinking of sending you some of my sad teenage/love/angst/shit for your next shindig.
    Hope to see you soon, don’t enjoy SanFran too much, we like you here!

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