What’s Hot Right Now

Live in Jeggings? Please don't.

One thing really struck me about fashion while I was in NYC. This Fall could be the worse season yet. Why is that? The rise of Jeggings.

They’re part jeans, part leggings, and completely ridiculous on anyone who isn’t a waif, model or girl under the age of 12.

Since Jeggings have been so popular (apparently) the next step, of course, is Treggings; the bastard child of trousers and leggings. I haven’t seen these personally but from crawling around the blogosphere I understand that they look like corduroy, leather and wool. Now corduroy and wool, I understand but leather? Are we talking about the tiny  American Apparel shiny tight pants that Beth Ditto seems to enjoy. I suppose the effect is the same as layering opaque tights but has added benefit of circulation.

Treggings by H & M

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse …

That's right. The 80s can't be back again until we've seen FLORAL JEGGINGS! Oh, the horror!

The sad thing about all this is that jeggings, to me, are so 2008. I was in Northern Ireland and all the 20 year old pregnant, smoking, drunk girls were wearing them in Derry. Don’t believe me, check out this old post.

Now you know what’s hot right now… er, what was hot two years ago. Or 30 years ago.  I’m Sara Bynoe, with my eye on the street; you’re welcome!

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