My Week Without Makeup – Day Six

For an hour today I’ve been watching makeup porn. See below.

PixiWoo is a fantastic makeup and tutorial site from the ladies behind Not only do Nic and Sam have the most fantastic British accents, they are smart ladies who know a lot about the products they use, unlike most ditzy American makeup tutorials I’ve come across where the girls use the words , ‘like’ and ‘totally’ like totally all the time.

Yesterday I watched a lot of these videos prepping myself for two from now when I can reapply the slap. I’m very excited to embrace a fresh face look inspired by this past week. I’m especially inspired by this tutorial.

Although I was speaking to one of my Doctor friends (yeah, I’ve got a few) who doesn’t understand why the Doctor I saw wants me to go on total product abandonment for a week especially with no instructions about how to reintroduce products to determine what exactly it was that caused me to have a contact allergy. She has a very good point.

I’m about 80% sure it’s the cat. I’ve never been allergic to cats before but I’ve avoided the one in my house all week and I’m doing much better. Although the cat keeps shooting me daggers and walks out of the room when I walk into it now – it’s so passive aggressive. I’m 15% convinced that my allergy was created by this soap my mother gave me that I’ve been using to take my makeup off at night. The last 5% of me thinks that my allergy is caused by the tree fluff that’s been in the air this week.

Regardless I’m washing all my makeup brushes and I’m going to take it slow when it comes to reintroducing soaps and products on to my face.

Oh and I’m finally starting to be okay with my face and not wearing makeup. Most of you will be happy to hear I’m getting over myself and my bullshit insecurities. I know I’m pretty either way. Yay me!

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