Story Time Tuesday

For this week’s Story Time Tuesday I’ve been a bit pressed for time so here’s a poem/ list thingy. It’s sticking to the true Sara Bynoe style; angsty, silly and about boys. This will most likely get updated as time goes on.

Deal Breakers

Refusing to leave Calgary
Getting drunk and making out with another girl (also you’re a Mormon you’re not supposed to drink!)
Being rude to my best friend
Giving me the wife interview on our first date (Where do you see yourself in two years? Do you want children?)
Being 22
Choosing to buy tortillas over spending time in bed with me
Having to get high to meet my friends
Calls me ridiculous but in a bad way and behind my back

One Reply to “Story Time Tuesday”

  1. Stephanie says:

    Yup, dealbreakers. In CAPITAL LETTERS, no less. As the great Dan Savage would say, DTMFA.

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