My Horn: Toot Toot!

I’m going to blow my own horn here, since that’s what this website seems to be designed for, right? Shameless self promotion. Sweet, sweet shamelessness.

So, this past year I threw away all my life plans, sold all my stuff and moved to London to do an MA in creative writing. I thought I was going to write a bunch of short funny essays and turn myself into the female version of David Sedaris, instead I started wrting a novel.

Now, I didn’t want to write a novel but that’s what its turned into. All year long I kicked, I screamed, I went on facebook and youtube- did anything to avoid writing it and now I’m almost finished my first full draft (only 20,000 words to go! How will it end?!).

Then, this week I recieved an email from my school saying that I was short listed for the inaugural Pat Kavanagh Award. Pat Kavanagh was a very well respected literary agent.

This is what I was told about the award:

The prize will be judged by Pat’s former colleagues in the books department of United Agents.

Professor of Creative and Life Writing Blake Morrison, who was himself represented by Kavanagh until her death last October, said: ‘This is an excellent initiative. Some outstanding talents have emerged from the Goldsmiths programme in recent years, and this award will give encouragement and recognition to writers at the start of their career.’

UA literary agent Sarah Ballard said: ‘throughout Pat’s extraordinarily successful career, she never lost her sense of  excitement about finding, sharing and supporting new writers. This will  be the first time United Agents has been formally involved in a creative writing prize, and it seems completely fitting that we do this in Pat’s name’.

The inaugural award will be presented on December 2nd, at a reading and reception for the relaunch of the Goldfish website.

I am so honoured and thankful to be supported and shortlisted for this award. Guess I’ll have to get cracking on finishing this novel and pray that one day it will see the light of day. And by that I mean published in some sort of binding that gets sold in book stores.

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