Bumbershoot Promo

Ok I have to admit that when I saw this: http://www.bumbershoot.org/lineup.htm I ‘omg-ed’ the fact that the photo of me flipping the double bird is right above Saul Williams. The bad poet above the rad poet. I hope our shows don’t conflict because I really want to see that man live.

… and speaking of Bumbershoot here’s a cheap ticket promotion I should tell y’all about. (aka come and see me in Seattle!)


Here’s the scoop: Bumbershoot single day-specific tickets (Saturday, Sunday or Monday) go on sale on July 15 for $35/day. After August 15, ticket prices increase to $40/day. Not bad, but you’re an Insider and want special perks…

So, why don’t you buy before everyone else, and pay a measly $25 per day? The Insider Deal is available now exclusively at bumbershoot.org/insider (REDIRECT http://www.bumbershoot.org/tickets/promo.htm?access=TEENANGST&utm_source=SARABYNOE&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=insider08). Use your special promo code: “TEENANGST” and save 38%!

This is a limited offer that will expire without notice when discounted tickets sell out. Once the Insider Deal runs out, the $25 tickets will no longer be available anywhere, so don’t say we didn’t warn you! Please note: these tickets are day-specific. Be sure to check out the by-day lineup* (REDIRECT http://www.bumbershoot.org/lineup.htm) before purchasing your tickets.

Bumbershoot runs Labor Day Weekend, Saturday 8/30 – Monday 9/1 at Seattle Center. For lineup details or more information about Bumbershoot: Seattle’s Music & Arts Festival, visit bumbershoot.org.
*Complete lineup / full schedule will be published July 12, 2008.

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