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Last Time at Teen Angst Night

Hiya! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’ve been out of town working on a tv documentary series (more on that later) and I neglected to share these videos from the last Teen Angst Night. It was a fantastic evening at Fox Cabaret. Look at this fantastic crowd! Witness some

Say Wha?! Video Footage

Here’s some video of me reading from Justin Beiber’s memoir. Some people say it’s just as good as Gordon Pinsent’s famous reading of the same book, only his is better edited. Michael Eckford from Shaw TV’s Urban Rush. Next Say Wha?! is this coming Wednesday, November 17. Check it out.

More Teen Angst Videos

In December I produced a Teen Angst night in London at the Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club – a fantastic venue in East London- we got some great footage of the event. If you want to check it out I recommend viewing it all at http://www.teenangst.ca/video Here’s a clip of

New Teen Angst Video!

Nathaniel is one of my favorite “Teen Angst” readers. This includes the poem with the line “you make love to my corpse.” The back-story to the poem is also pretty awesome. The next Teen Angst show is July 8 at the Railway Club (7:30 – 9pm, as always). Our theme