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Smut Slam at the Vancouver Fringe

Fans of Say Wha?! might enjoy this sexed up event that’s happening at the Vancouver Fringe. I was asked to be a judge but I’ll be out of town at my BFF’s wedding. Here’s all the kinky details: Vancouver, brace yourself: SMUT SLAM IS COMING. The international underground sensation–part slam,

September Shows

Holy moly September is going to rock. It’s basically the month of all my shows times two. Here’s a quick run down: Friday, September 9 – Say Wha?! at the Vancouver Fringe Bar 8-10pm Saturday, September 10- Teen Angst at the Vancouver Fringe Bar 8-9:30 Saturday, September 10 – Literary

The Man in the Red Jacket

I recently made this video for a contest. Sadly, I did not win. Boo! Boo-urns. But, I did get to spend a day with this very fun man who is one of the most memorable volunteers I’ve ever met. If you’re at the Vancouver Fringe Festival and visit the Fringe

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