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Mission Silence: On The Bus

DAY ONE: When I said I was going unplugged many people read it to mean that I was unplugging from the Internet. Hells no! I’m way too addicted to it to give it up for a week. What I meant was that I was going to attempt to go through

Mission: Silence

I’m comfortable being alone. I’ve gone to the cinema alone. I visit coffee shops alone. I’ve spent some lovely afternoons window shopping solo, but I wouldn’t say I love being alone. These stretches of solitary time are wonderful when I need a break from the bustle of my life. And

Reaper Episode

Recently I was on an episode of the TV show Reaper. You can see it here: http://show-links.tv/Reaper/1/17/?alluc_layout=1 Go to the 11:45 mark of this clip and you’ll see me for like 3 seconds. My line was: “Hey, um, did you happen to see the bride anywhere?” Sadly they cut the

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