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Some Shameless Self-Promotion Because Of External Validation In The Hopes To Get You To Attend The Theatre

  This is awkward and makes me cringe a little, but no one else is going to toot this horn so I’ve got to do it myself. I’m in a play and, according to a few people, I’m doing a decent job with it. Yes, this play is dark and

What We’re Up Against

Hey, you! I’m in a play! You should see it. Tickets are on sale now!!! Why are you still reading? Ok, fine, here’s some information about the play: In a highly competitive architecture firm a battle of the sexes emerges in this dark comedy about a woman who tries to

What is “The Chair”?

It sounds ominous doesn’t it? THE. CHAIR. It’s pretty simple. There are 8 actors on stage and one chair. The actors take turns sharing a monologue which was written for them by John McGie. There are no props and no costumes. It’s bare bones theatre. John asked the actors to

Theatre Wire

Many months ago I shot a series of interviews for a new theatre ticketing system and information hub called Theatre Wire. I thought I’d put a few of them on my blog so you could check them out. Now that you’ve enjoyed those videos, go check out the wonderful shows

The Bench

The Bench from Sara Bynoe on Vimeo. This video is the result of a workshop I did this January with Ant Hampton during the PuSh Festival. His workshop is called Fantasy Interventions. It’s a workshop on imagination and writing for site-specific theatre / live urban interventions.¬†For artists and practitioners from

Say Wha?! The Musical Edition – Encore, Encore!

We’ve done this show before and it was so much fun that we’ve done it again and again. This Sunday at the Cottage Bistro (4468 Main Street) Mike Mackenzie and I will be doing the fourth edition of this Say Wha?! spinoff. Mike shares his passion about the musicals with

Say Wha?! The Musical Edition – Monday!

I keep running into people that are excited about this. Just thought you should know. Don’t miss it! Monday, March 31 Say Wha?! Readings of Deliciously Rotten Writing is a monthly comedy show where funny people read from terrible books. We know there’s more Say Wha?! out there in the

Tonight We Sing!

Say Wha?! The Musical… Edition is tonight!!! A Say Wha?! show dedicated to the worst songs of the musical theatre canon. Produced by Sara Bynoe and Mike Mackenzie Featuring: Chris Adams, Cameron Dunster, Shantini Klaassen, Anna Kuman and Sayer Roberts. Tickets: $10 at the door – cash only Doors: 7:15

Teen Angst Night TONIGHT!

  Tonight. 8-10pm. Cottage Bistro – 4470 Main Street, Vancouver. $5-10 at the door. Be there.

Devoted and Disgruntled

When I was living in London one of my theatre friends took me to this event called Devoted and Disgruntled. It’s organized by Improbable Theatre and uses Open Space Technology as a way of creating dialogue about issues and getting many people to come together. For me, the event was

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