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Summer Say Wha?! Recaps

  Summer is over and I neglected to post about the two wonderful Say Wha?! shows I produced in Toronto at Comedy Bar. Oops. Here’s what happened. Considering that it was Father’s Day and the season finale of Game of Thrones it was pretty amazing that anyone showed up for

TOMORROW Say Wha?! turns 4 and I’m taking a summer break

Tomorrow, Wednesday, May 21, is the four year anniversary of Say Wha?! Readings of Deliciously Rotten Writing Have you never been to or heard of my Say Wha?! show before? Have you been living under a rock? It’s the BEST! It blends three things I love: books, comedy and readings.

Four Years of Say Wha?!

Have you ever read a poorly written novel and thought to yourself, who publishes this crap? Or come across a hilariously out of date self-help book in a thrift store? Perhaps you flipped through any celebrity autobiography and guffawed at her/his life story. Well, that’s what Say Wha?! is all

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