Tag: Rain

The Rain Is Getting To Me

Some people like the rain in Vancouver   When I see them…   But the rain makes me feel depressed so I …   Then I realize I should take this downtime to pamper myself, like so… And THEN I realize that …

When I look outside …

… and I see this   and this   and hours later, still this…   I feel like this   Then …   So I …   But then …   Then I think about moving to Toronto but I hear it’s …   … but my best friends live

Goodbye Bicycle …

… Hello, Loser Cruiser.    

The Grass

I was sitting on the Skytrain yesterday behind a Chinese woman with a perm. As I looked at her black hair curling against its nature I thought about how so many people want what they don’t have. Many of us are perpetually stuck in a ‘grass is always greener on

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