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I’m Here All Week

I’m hosting/ producing two shows this week and telling a story at another. Come check out the fun. Novelty Act Sara Bynoe and Riel Hahn are back with another night of comedy, storytelling, music and joy! Whatever happens, you know it will be warm and funny and a lipstick of

The Flame

Storytelling is so hot right now. The Moth. Risk. This American Life. Rain City Chronicles. Telling Tales. The Flame. I’m going to be telling my famous* Christmas story at this show on the first of December. You should be there. I might make you cry. At the very least I

Rain City Chronicles

Next Friday September 24 I’m going to be telling a story with the theme of “Surprise” at Rain City Chronicles. Part lo-fi community event, part voyeuristic encounter, the Rain City Chronicles is a seasonal storytelling showcase for short and true tales on a changing theme, complete with home-baked snacks and

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