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My May Events

If you’re an awesome person and you’ve signed up for my newsletter and you’re actually someone that opens it and reads it you probably noticed that I fucked up, or Mail Kimp didn’t save my corrections, because some of the dates were off. If you got confused, I’m sorry. Here’s

Poetry Is Dead

I’m a poet! They said so! The launch of the Humour Issue of Poetry Is Dead is an evening of readings, performances and sketches from contributors of the issue and local comedians. Tickets are on sale now (limited seating!). You’ll lolz with these fine poets: Billeh Nickerson Sara Bynoe Rachaela

Main Street Magazine Tour

I am so very excited to be participating in the Main Street Magazine Tour. I’m going to be a tour guide and we’ll be doing a mini Say Wha?! for the after party. So much for taking August off. Here’s all the details. I hope to see you there! Main

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